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Topic: Architectures

It is very important to appreciate that there are multiple levels of architecture when we are in a conversation. More frequently I have seen people are somehow influenced by the market, news and terms without constructively analysing the differences. In a real business world, we typically see these architecture:

  • Portfolio Architecture: Value Proposition towards the targeted market
  • Technology Capability Architecture: What core functionalities an information system will be able to deliver
  • Technology Implementation Architecture: How technology capability is delivered to fulfil or adapting requirements
  • Operating Model Architecture: How we can organize people around these multiple level of architectures

Topic: Computing Hardware

Since I have started working on more machine learning hobby projects, my early 2018 mac mini has been struggling. I was considering between the latest Apple M1 Chip models or going for the self-built adventures. My last custom PC built was probably 10 years ago, I thought it may worth building a Linux workstation again. Hence, I started relearning what cool-kids are doing with their custom PCs. Take a look my NR200P Research And Build log.

Topic: Drone

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requires drone and model aircraft operators obtain Operator ID and Flyer ID. There is a great way to Label Your Drone and Carry Operator ID.

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