Nr200p Research And Build

Let’s starting with the PC cases. There are many form factors driven by a combination of mother board, graphic card(s), memory slots and other connectivity options. However, it’s easier starting from mother board, and then looking for case options:

  • Mini-ITX (Mini-ITX) 6.7-inch x 6.7-inch or 170mm x 170mm
  • Micro-ATX (M-ATX) 9.6-inch x 9.6-inch or 244mm x 244mm
  • ATX 12-inch x 9.6-inch or 305mm x 244mm
  • Extended ATX (E-ATX) 12-inch x 13-inch or 305mm x 330mm

I intended to build a small case PC, thus Mini-ITX seems to be the right choice - expecting small mobo (aka motherboard) will drive the design of smaller case form factors.

Here are some popular mini-ITX cases worth mentioning:

Case Source (UK reachable) Est. Price    
Acat x2 Taobao / Aliexpress 135-265    
Dan Case Overclock 199    
Ghost S1 🤧 ?    
NCase M1 🤧 ?    
CM NP200p Amazon 80-100    
Silverstone Sugo SG13B Amazon 30-40    

I was considering using liquid cooling, but most of the liquid cooling needs agent software to perform the best. Majority of the agent software only support Windows. I decided keep things simple, used a CPU fan solution.

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