Circadian Rhythm

According to Well+Good:

The concept is part of a larger movement in the health and wellness communities towards “circadian” health, as coined by the Global Wellness Institute. “While intermittent fasting is all the rage, people don’t realize that this is also usually a circadian-based solution,” reads the institute’s 2020 trends report. “It’s natural for diurnal animals such as humans to eat during daylight when we evolved to digest food.”

Putting this in simple terms, this is how a rythem might look like:

  • 8h in bed (consider this is the cycle starting time)
  • Wait for more than 1h before first calorie
  • Eat within a consistent window of 8-10 hours, but no longer than 12h.
  • Greather than 30min outdoor activity under daylight
  • No food, no bright light for 2h before bedtime

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