Fasting Apps

Fasting apps often provide routing and tracking features. Mobile app on iOS/Android platform provides both freemium and subscription pricing model.


Most apps are developed based on the intermittent fasting (see [[ Type of Fasting ]]). Users seem to be focusing on weight loss rather than creating a on long term habbit. Pro users may have a low retention rate - becuase tracking become unncessary when a body rhythm has been created. Fasting does not have garenteed weight loss result - app market comments section has common complaints are ineffectiveness.

With Freemium

  • Timer or simple water intake tracking

With Subscription

  • Custom routing and smart virtual trainer
  • Additional analytical features
  • Community access
  • Low commitment free free trial or per week pricing
  • With discount if purchasing over one year

Apps worth mentioning

  • Fastic
    • Pricing £12.99/month, £29.99/q, £69.99/y (as of 2021 Apr)
  • Ontime Health
    • Pricing £69.99/year, £39.99 or £9.99/month, 7 days free trial
  • Zero
    • Pricing £67.99/year or 9.99/month, 7 days free trial (as of 2021 Apr)

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