Apple M1 Chip

The M1 chip is something rather special. It was difficult enough for online medias to compare or creating a reasonable benchmark. The System on Chip (SoC) integrates CPU, GPU, Neural Engine, Unified Memroy (aka. RAM), Secure Enclave (security sub-system and hardware key manager), SSD controller, encoder/decoder engine all in one tiny SoC. There is, at least in 2021, nothing to compare to in the consumer-grade portable computing market (mostly x86 architecture).

There are a lot of benchmarks are available, there are two I would recommand to take a look

You should read more about the post on Thin, Scalable, Computerless, the Macbook 11 inch model was probably the first attempt to create a powerful & small Macbook, but Intel obviously failed Apple.

Here’s my early prediction:

There might be a version of device like iPad but powered by MacOS (or similar) one day becuase of power and engergy saving delivered by this unified SoC. Let’s see.

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