People nowadays may have get used to spam emails. Security certainly is one of the concern, but I won’t talk about it in my post. And it won’t be a guide about how to technically avoid spammers, as there are a lot of people blogging these HOWTOs. What interests me is how spammers know my name, in other words, how do they call me in spam emails?

So I compiled a list of spams from one of my dumped email account. Here’s how spammers make a robotic “intelligence” approach at first appearance to a potential victim. Quotations could be the message I would like to reply…

Dear Valued Halifax Customer

I never had a Halifax account…

Dir Sir, this is official letter from FBI

Oh my god! I will be famous!

Hi, my name is Michael

Sorry, I won’t tell you my name.

Hello customer

Hello spammer


I speak English and Chinese, but not Japanese. (… look up in the Google Translate and it means “Notice the new email address”).

Nobody will disturb you!

Yah.. except you…

Come with me

I would.. if teleport exists.


not bad, see you in another life. (click delete…)

Attention Dear!

You just caught my attention, I am deleting and blocking you.

Hi there !

Hi spamer!

I love you! : )

Sorry I can’t, you are a programme.

My name is Mr. Peter Pan // My name is Mr.David Smith … etc..

My name is Megatron.

Thank you for your SMS

You should SMS me instead of sending emails.

Dear Applicant

Thank you for filling the application form for me.

I’d like to be your friend

I would like to.. but you are a robot spammer.

Good day

No, it’s not. It’s raining badly now.

Free Pizza!

Not pizza again. I’ve just had it for the whole week!

Good Evening

You might be in different time zone.

What’s happening?

Just reading your spam message

We haven’t been in touch lately!

We never know each other before.

Save £2600!

I wish that could be true.

I saw you yesterday

Where? You probably saw my email address somewhere.

Dear User

Am I in the Tron movie?

Greetings to you

Greetings to spammers!


You just scared me!

… …

You get the idea.

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