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Humanizes the entire process

Founder of FiftyThree, Georg Petschnigg, in one of the Bēhance interview mentioned the process of creating additional colors for the Paper app:

"When we released additional colors, our deadline was dependent on nature, so as we were writing code we were noticing the temperature change and were racing to finish before the leaves changed color. It was actually really thrilling to have this reminder all around you and it also humanizes the entire process, rather than just working towards milestone 1.3. This episodic approach means that the product experience is incomplete if the narrative isn’t being fulfilled."

Such rational idea turns process into natural flow. It brings emotions to team members, it brings life to the product, it brings fun to the team.

Github promotes "unprocess" and self-managing, but there must be process within any organizations. Process eliminates efforts for dev teams empirically when it solves the right problem. Unfortunately, if process is assigned without questioning its rightfulness, it will create waste. I guess the take away is that keep asking if product naturally fulfills human needs for both yourself and customers.