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Discover company's vision from commercial

Recently, I've been comparing Microsoft, Samsung and Apple's marketing messages to their customers. I discovered some interesting differences.

You cannot deny that among all those new smartphone product features, all of them are getting very competitive in one or other areas recent years (let's not argue who's the copy cat here, they all copy each other in some ways). Although those products are functionally similar, those company, in my opinon, sees a completely different world.

They all had the right product, enough time and money. This is the message they have chosen to represent both the product and company.

Samsung's LeBron James Commercial

There are a few sarcasm in the video obviously towards Apple, and some random jokes are just not funny, or even feeling dull. The entire point of this commercial to be straight is about "Apple is not the next big thing, the Galaxy is."

During past years, Samsung must have spent enormous amount of cash on ads and commercials aginst Apple. The simplest example I saw was Samsung's "try it out" experience stands setup outside some biggest Apple store for two years now. Samsung cannot get out of the lawsuit history and move on.

Microsoft's Surface Commercial

Kids, students, artists, office man and woman produce click rhythms with Surface, dancing on the street. You connect keyboard to the surface screen to generate the sound, and it's so awesome that everyone does it again and again, even swapping their keyboard?

There's only one word I can offer to describe this comercial's message - "Cool". This sounds very close to Steve Ballmer's style - Gangnam Style.

Apple's Photo Everyday Commercial

A sequence snapshots of people taking pictures, people recording their moments and started conversations becuase of taking a picture. It expresses that people enjoy their moment, indirectly enjoy taking photo with mobile phone.

The commercial is somehow emotional, because one of the snapshot is close to my personal life. I can see myself in the video and I have had one or more of similar moment. It's not about the phone or technology, the only thing matters is people.